Just Tennis Shipping Info

We try very hard to ship your racquet as promptly and as quickly as possible.

We have shipped thousands of racquets and nearly everyone has gotten them within a week to ten days.  Losses and problems with shipping are infrequent; but since they do occur and since people have a zillion questions about shipping I have tried to write-up all our experiences, and all our caveats and problems, on this page.

We do appreciate your business, and please call or email us with any questions.

Thanks a lot,
Richard and Averil Marks

Shipping Charges
  • New in-line racquets are sold with free USA shipping
  • For extra cost shipping services such as faster shipping, we charge what it costs above our cost for "free USA shipping".
  • For International shipping, we charge what it costs above our cost for "free USA shipping".
  • Some other items are sent with full shipping.  The cost to the buyer is the same as with "free" shipping because items with full shipping are priced lower.
  • You should always consider the total cost of the item including shipping as many sites price an item low as subsidize it with higher shipping or visa-versa.  (There is no such thing as free shipping.)

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USA shipping:
  • Shipping costs us about $11 for a racquet without cover, including box and handling. This is our cost, not yours if free shipping.
  • Shipment weighs  about 1 pounds per racquet plus 1 pound for the box (One racquet ships at 2 pounds).
  • Shipping includes insurance
  • For faster shipping, and for shipping to Post Office Boxes, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico we use USPS Priority Mail, which costs $15.95 (less $11 for free shipping credit if applicable)

USA - Next Day Shipping
  • If desired, we can ship by Postal Service Express for about $39.95 plus $9.95 each additional.  For items with free shipping, this is roughly $20 additional.  Part of this charge is for our own expedited service.  We have to string quickly and run down to the post office with your racquet.
  • Express orders must be received before noon our time; orders received after noon, will ship the following day.
  • Actual shipping time is determined by post office and is overnight in all major areas, may be two days for some rural and logistically challenged locations.
  • We (infrequently) ship by FedEx Overnight.  This is 3PM arrival in
    non-rural areas.  May be later in the day for more remote locations.  Cost varies and is about $76 for one racquet due to size of the box.

Domestic Insurance
  • In shipping thousands of racquets, we have had very, very few damage or loss claims.
  • We use the carrier's insurance, but if there are any losses or problems we reimburse you directly and then we (not you) wait for collection from the carrier.
  • A claim is simple, contact us, return the racquet to us (we pay return shipping), we send a replacement.
  • For undelivered products, we will send you a replacement after waiting a reasonable time for delivery.  Lost items are ALWAYS found.
  • Priority mail shipments, are also covered by our insurance.
  • There is a problem in about 1 in 1500 shipments.

Shipping to Hotels
  • Shipping to a hotel is not reliable.  We ship thousands of parcels every year and the only significant losses we have incurred are when shipping to a hotel on behalf of a foreign visitor.
  • We suspect employee theft but cannot verify this.
  • There is an additional charge for a verifiable adult signature on the parcel.  Cost varies from $3 to $5 depending on type of shipment.
  • We may contact you and request the additional payment before shipping.

International Shipping
  • We use postal service Express Mail International (EMI 3-6 day) or Priority Mail International (PMI 6-10 day).  Delivery within your country may add days or even week to the delivery time.  Specifically customs processing time is not included in delivery time estimates.
    See comments on specific areas under "International Hints" below.

    EMI is the post office premier service.  Guaranteed to leave the USA in 24 hours.  Computer tracking.  Expedited customs clearance.  Priority delivery.  Express parcels are more carefully examined for customs charges and thus Express is not recommended for shipping to the UK, France, Israel unless you are prepared to pay customs charges.

    PMI - also called international air mail.  CJ and CV label numbers.  Once item leaves the USA, there is no tracking.  If tracking says "Processed through USPS Sort Facility" that means it is flying to your country.  Some countries add additional tracking.

    PMI Flat Rate - also international air mail, and costs about $24 for whatever fits in the envelope.  LJ label numbers are custom form, not postal numbers.  In exchange for lower cost, there is only tracking within the USA.  The last tracking message will be "Processed through USPS Sort Facility".

    First Class International is used for small light items.  Cheap, reliable, fast, no tracking.  Cannot ship racquets this way due to size (over 19" long)
  • You are responsible for all import fees, customs fees, GST (Vat) fees, etc.  Frequently, due to the low value of a racquet these are waived.  See International Hints below.
  • These fees will be billed you by your country's customs service, usually via the post office.
  • Fees vary by country and we do not know them.  Contact local authorities to learn exact charges.
  • All shipments include insurance.
  • Shipments weigh about 1 pound  (.5 kilo) per racquet plus 1 pound for the box.
  • Box, packing materials, handling charges, etc are $4 which is included in our shipping rates.
  • Please see our international caveats.

International Hints by area - International shipping is VERY RELIABLE.
  • Australia - if shipping plus racquets less than $AU1000, no duty or GST. Fast and reliable.
  • Brazil - postal service is terrible.  We do not ship to Brazil.
  • Canada - sometimes quick, sometimes delay in customs.  Approximately 20% VAT tax plus $10 processing charge for items value over $20 ($60 gifts).  Please see.
  • Eastern Europe (Poland, Romania, etc) 7 days, very reliable, generally no taxes.
  • EU - Total entry fees (customs and GST) about 25% plus $6 service fee.  Single racquet shipped as a gift has no charges; but multiple racquets, items valued over $EU100, and items with a commercial appearance may be taxed.  Customs inspection varies by country - Germany is rigorous, Italy is lax.
  • Greece - due to currency turmoil the Greek postal service is terrible.  We do not ship to Greece.
  • India - delivery time is variable from a few days to 6 weeks due to occasional slow customs processing and delivery.
  • Israel - very reliable.  For Express (not Priority) independent delivery companies carefully enforce customs fees.
  • Mid East (Lebanon, Jordan, UAE, Saudi, Quatar, UAE, etc) very reliable.  Saudi has higher customs fees and slower processing.
  • Mexico - package will arrive at local post office with no notification, you must inquire. We will only ship insured or Express to Mexico due to theft.
  • New Zealand - if shipping plus racquet less than $NZD400, no duty or GST.  Shipping to New Zealand typically takes 3 to 5 days.
  • Pacific and South East Asia - very fast, have delivered in 2 days (but typically 5).
  • South Africa - will only ship Express due to theft.  Generally no import fees. Takes about two weeks and (by Express) is totally reliable.
  • South America - usually quick and reliable.  Sometimes items are delayed because customs does not notify you; contact your local post office.  Typical customs charge is 50% over $50 value.
  • UK - Total entry fees about 20% plus 8 pound service charge if item value greater than 15 pounds.  Over 36 pounds (item+shipping) additional  6% import fee. UK fees are high.  Sometimes fees are charged on lower value items and can be protested.

    For express shipments Parcel Force (www.parcelforce.com) does a weak job contacting  you if customs charges are due.  Go to web site and check label number.
  • Customs clearance may take a long time for:
    • Portugal, Bulgaria, Brazil, Greece

International Caveats

  • Fees for customs, clearance, and taxes are buyers responsibility.
  • Quoted delivery times are estimates not guarantees.  They are usually accurate but delays do happen.  Delays are always in customs and local delivery.
  • Priority International, while cheaper than EMI, has these disadvantages:
    • takes a week longer to ship,
    • takes longer to clear customs during busy times.
  • Priority Mail Flat Rate - see above, and due to lower cost there is no tracking after
    item leaves the USA
  • We value items for customs at wholesale to reduce customs and taxes.