Grip Information
When is a grip size right for you:
  • Hold the grip in your normal manner
  • Look at the gap between your finger tips and your palm
  • This gap should be about a finger width (about 1/2 inch)
  • This is a starting point, experienced players may like a slightly bigger or smaller grip.
  • A larger grip is easier to hold, you don't have to squeeze as tightly.  This is better for tennis elbow.
  • A smaller grip lets you cock your wrist more for net play and serves.
  • If you hold a grip and it feels too big or too small, it probably is.
  • Grips are available in 4 even, 4-1/8, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, and 5/8.  Junior 26" racquets come in 4; 25" in 3-7/8.
  • Grips are sometimes in G sizes.  G1 is 4-1/8, G2 is 4-1/4 , etc.  A little number (like 3) on the butt cap means this is a G3 or 4-3/8 grip.
I have no idea what my grip size is; what do I do:
  • The average grip size is 4-3/8.
  • Most normal size ladies are 4-3/8
  • Smaller ladies, especially Asians, take a 4-1/4 or 4-1/8
  • Average men measure between 4-3/8 and 4-1/2.
  • I'm 5.8", weigh 170 and measure 4-7/16 and play with a 4-3/8.
  • If you have big meaty hands or long piano player fingers, then 4-5/8.
  • Every so often someone has large hands and we have to build to 4-3/4.
  • 10-12 year old kids are usually -1/8 or 4-1/4
  • Measuring your hand with a ruler or using a cardboard template is totally inaccurate.
Smaller Grips (4 Even and 4-1/8):
  • 4.0 and 4-1/8 grips are available for many racquets, but they are not the norm
  • If you measure 4-1/8 or 4 even, try getting used to a 4-1/4
  • Dealers usually don't stock 4.0 grips and must order them.
  • Just Tennis usually doesn't charge extra to special order, but there may be a wait.
Tricks and things:
  • We can always make a grip bigger either by wrapping it with overgrip; this costs about $6 for three rolls.  Or
  • By putting on a heat shrink sleeve.  This is more permanent.  This costs $6 but the grip has to be replaced for another $10.
  • Normally we resize in 1/8" increments, we can also fit you by 1/16" increments if desired.
  • You can build up 1/4" and not loose noticeable sharpness of the octagonal edges.
  • You cannot make a grip smaller.  Let me tell you the horrible story about my overly smart friend and the belt sander . . .
  • A raw palette, without the grip, is 3/8 smaller.  For example, the palette for a 4-3/8 grip, measures 4 even.
How to measure your racquet's grip:
  • Rip a strip of plain paper about 1" wide off a pad.
  • Wrap the paper snugly around the grip.
  • Mark where it meets.
  • Measure with a ruler.
  • Since a grip is octagonal, it feels smaller than a round pipe of the same circumference.  For the same finger gap, the pipe must be 0.2" smaller in circumference than a tennis racquet grip.
Home Depot items that match grip sizes
(go there to check your grip size):
  • Husky 15/16" deep socket - 4-1/8
  • 1" rigid galvanized conduit - 4-1/4 (+ 1/32)
  • Schedule 40 1" pipe - 4-5/16
  • 1" Scotch wrapped pipe - 4-3/8
  • 1-1/4" copper pipe - 4-1/2
  • 1-3/8" closet pole - 4-1/2